Affordable coaching for everyone

My goal is to make coaching affordable and accessible to all.

Indeed, I believe anyone should be able to benefit from this kind of support in life.

My standard fee is £45 but I am open to a "pay-what-you-can" option if you can't afford it.

Let's talk!

Openness, authenticity & exploration

My coaching, inspired by Transformational Coaching and a client-centered approach, aims at creating a collaborative, confidential and non-judgmental space for  inner-exploration.

I work through 60-minute sessions of deep listening and exploratory questions.

Existential approach to go deeper

I am not here to make you more successful or earn more money. 
I am here to help you
go deeper into who you are and what truly matters for you.

I didn't get into coaching to make people more "performant" ; I am interested and depth for 
more self-awareness and balance.

Photos by Sam Huddleston - https://www.samhuddleston.co.uk

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