Rap producer


Marc has been helping me overcome mental blocks and limitations surrounding success and living my truth.


I have found the sessions to be very life-changing which makes me think and contemplate about which direction I want my life to go in.


I am at a stage where I am taking action on many of my goals and this is due to Marc's coaching style and strategies. 


Coach, writer, musician


Working with Marc has enabled me to make small and big adjustments in my life at a time of change, and to challenge some of the behaviours that have been holding me back.

I really value his insightful questions and relaxed style, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

- ANN -



Marc creates an amazingly safe space that allowed me to reflect on my work.

He brought clarity and focus, through powerful questioning.

It would have taken me so much time to figure things out by myself.

Thanks to marc, I gained invaluable time on my work.

- WILL -

Video editor


I like a coach who brings something new to their clients.
i like a coach who helps create a plan.
I like a coach who offers tools, strategies, insights, to helps their clients go to the next level.


Marc did all that very efficiently.

Photos by Sam Huddleston - https://www.samhuddleston.co.uk

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